About us

Who are we?

Travelingos is a game changing travel agency. We’ve engraved on our flag to change the rules of travelers’ experiences in Mexico. From the planning of their vacations, to the time they travel and until they come back home safe and happy, we got them covered!

Each one of us works hard every day, doing the same thing over and over again in a daily loop. One can’t help but dream about when the next vacation will be and hope that it comes soon enough. And when that lucky day finally comes – we definitely want to make it the experience of a lifetime!

After 5 years of living in Mexico, working in the tourist industry,  visited almost every place, have gained so much to experience (good and bad), and have went through so many travel agencies, it’s time to start one of our own. Travelers deserve to get the best experience in their vacation and we definitely believe we can make it better. You deserve better services, better prices, and a better vacation. Actually, you deserve the best and our mission is to give you the best!

Our vision at Travelingos it to make your experience one-of-a-kind. Our travelers will get the most careful and efficient planning that meets their requirements in the safest and most efficient way. Our goal is to provide the highest quality of personalized travel experiences with guided tours and the widest range of services.

How it all started?

Travelingos was founded in 2019 by two entrepreneurs who happened to be good friends.

Asaf is a Digital Entrepreneur. He comes from the field of eCommerce and has built and managed numerous online businesses while travelling to different destinations and exploring the world. He’s also an expert when it comes to support and customer service

Daniel comes from the tourism and recreation industry. He has lived in Mexico and The US for more than 5 years and has built and managed Tourists Hostels rated as high as 9.4. He has also owned and managed a daily tour agency specializing in many amazing destinations in Mexico.

When Your Dreams Become A Reality

We want to create inspiring vacations that are full of life-enhancing experiences, and Mexico is the perfect place to start. By accurately designing and characterizing travel arrangements, we can ensure customer satisfaction and build significant memories that last for more than a lifetime. From majestic highlands to dazzling beaches, there is no better way to enjoy life to its fullest than to travel to the wondrous place of Mexico. As travelers look back on those times, they yearn to return and explore those fascinating and magical places over and over again!

Get the Most Unique Experience

Our motto – to make your vacation one-of-a-kind. Our travelers delight in the luxury of enjoying a special kind of treatment. From transportation from the airport, discounts for attractions, restaurants & other places, and so many other treats!

5 Years of Experience in Mexico

We’ve already done the hard work for you. After 5 years in Mexico, traveling and exploring almost everywhere and everything, you can be sure that you’re in good hands!

Personal Accompaniment at Every Stage

From the planning stage to the vacation itself, we’ll be with you side by side to serve the main goal – that you get the best travel experience you could ever get!

Guaranteed Lowest

We guarantee to create your ideal vacation at the lowest price you can get. Found a specific hotel? Show us the price, give us the details and we’ll find a way to lessen your expenses!

  • What travelers say about us

"We booked the trip through Travelingos and everything was meticulously planned with an awesome itinerary. We always knew behind the scenes every detail was overseen. Thanks again to all for making our trip so successful."

Dinna K

"Still remember our first honeymoon package what this guy planned for us. Their advice and recommendations while finalizing the tour and excursion were amazing! The experts took care of our needs and requirements and planned the best trip for us. I am still thankful."

Noah W

"We just returned from an almost 3-week trip to Mexico. I cannot adequately put into words our thankfulness for Travelingo's Service for our trip. I am absolutely positive that if we’d done this trip on our own, that, it would’ve still been wonderful."

Anna F.

Travelingos Reviews Anna F.

"I was surprised to find the service provided by Travelingos. They call you to adjust the itinerary or gain additional insights regarding the trip...You provide them with the location, length of stay, and estimated budget... and then you make the final decision!"

Nicole K.

Travelingos Reviews Nicole K.

"I truly delighted in an exceptionally fun involvement in Travelingos! I made some incredible memories and had a sense of security during every one of my movements which is probably the greatest concern."

Alex R.

Travelingos Reviews Alex R.