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Vacation in Mexico​

Travelingos is a travel agency that changes the rules of the game for the traveler in Mexico. We make it our goal to create an unforgettable vacation experience for our travelers. From planning the vacation, through the flight time, your stay during the vacation, until you return home healthy and happy, we are always with you!

After more than 6 years in Mexico, during which we were involved in the tourism industry, traveled almost everywhere, gained a lot of experience (good and bad), and met and worked with so many agencies, we decided it was time to start something of our own. Travelers in Mexico deserve to have the best vacation experience and we definitely believe that we can give the best for the best.
Our mission is to provide the entire service package for your vacation in Mexico. We will accompany you from the planning stage of your trip, choosing the destinations and we will be here in Mexico to help and solve any problem. We will remove all the concerns and doubts from your mind and allow you to concentrate on only one thing – to enjoy a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

How It All Started

Travelingos was founded in 2019 by two good friends.

Asaf comes from the field of e-commerce; he built and managed many online businesses while traveling to different destinations and exploring the world. Specializes in internet marketing and online customer service.

Daniel comes from the tourism and leisure industry. He has lived in Mexico and the United States for more than five years and has built and managed hotels rated 9.4 according to the Booking.com rating. In addition, he owns and manages a daily travel agency specializing in many amazing destinations in Mexico.

When the dream becomes reality

We are not here just to offer services in Mexico. It is important for us to give each traveler personalized attention and to create unforgettable vacations that will leave a taste for more. By understanding your expectations and the nature of the trip, planning and accurately characterizing transitions between destinations, travel arrangements, hotels, and attractions, we work together to create the perfect and safest vacation for you.

Our Travelers in Mexico

I never thought of having Travelingos while in Mexico. It really saved my day. I give them five stars for being so accommodating. You will never regret it. Chao!

Emily Gamy

Travel in Mexico

Thanks to this amazing company my trip was just perfect! They helped me with everything I needed, whether it was hotels, tours, or attractions, and all at the cheapest prices!

Ashley Goreham

Travel to Mexico

My family wanted to thank you very much for planning our trip to Mexico. It was truly amazing and highly exceeded our expectations! We had a wonderful time and were very happy with the accommodations.

Sammi Farris

Travel to Mexico

From their customer service to the recommendations, transfer from the airport to the hotel and back & excellent price for the hotel everything was just perfect!

Ariah Max

Travel in Mexico

We had the best honeymoon ever! They helped us plan the trip and it was all exactly as we expected. Thank you, guys!

Kaylee Davis

Travel in Mexico

We will be happy to plan your vacation in Mexico, booking hotels, attractions, daily tours and more!

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