Information About Catamaran Sailing to Isla Mujeres

The tour begins at the Cancun Marina, where you will board the catamaran to Isla Mujeres.
During the tour, you will get unlimited drinks and snorkels for snorkeling. Later on board the catamaran, you will pass through the most beautiful maritime area, between Cancun and Isla Mujeres. From there, you will continue to the restaurant and the beach club, enjoy a buffet full of delicious dishes and take a break in the hammocks. Upon returning to the catamaran, you will have free time to enjoy the sights and amenities.

• Food buffet
• Snorkeling equipment and life belts
• Open bar
• Beach club with chairs and a visit to the center of the island


Required information:
– Full name
– Hotel name
– Hotel room number
– Dates
– Departure times: 
– WhatsApp number
– Num Of People 

• Please note: if a large hotel entrance or the shuttle needs to pick you up from the reception desk or the entrance area, please indicate this.
• You can book a tour 2-7 days before.
(It is not possible to make an order 14 days ahead)