Information About Coco Bongo Cancun

Today, Coco Bongo in Cancun is a must-see attraction for anyone who comes to Mexico. How did the club become one of Mexico’s most famous places and maybe even the entire continent?

Let’s start with the uniqueness of the place. Coco Bongo is more than just a regular nightclub. The club combines acrobatics, music, and good light shows from the most expensive in the world, with all the characters we all know from the movies we love, dancers, flying acrobats, impressive musical gestures, and a party atmosphere that lasts all night. They are considered the most innovative in audio and video entertainment, including a giant video screen, soap bubbles, balloons, confetti, streamers, and more.

The entire organizational structure of the club is elegant and organized, you don’t have to wait for anything, and everything is available and fun. In the Caribbean region of Mexico – the Yucatan Peninsula – there are two Coco Bongo clubs. One is in Playa del Carmen in the Fifth Avenue area, and the other is in Cancun in the hotel strip (Zona Hoteleria).

*Regarding buying tickets. You will find several routes for buying tickets. The prices vary between the types of extensions, sitting or standing, alcohol inclusion, and according to the days of the week. Please note that many agents will try to cut off a coupon for the tourists who do not know the prices; it is recommended to consult an agent you know and make sure you get the best price.