Tips and Recommendations for a Smooth Entry to Cancun

Mexico is not considered a strict country in terms of entry conditions for tourists. However, several requirements are looked at when entering the country. The journey to a vacation in Mexico can be long and sometimes a bit exhausting, especially on the first day. Therefore, we recommend planning everything in advance to avoid surprises. Here are all the conditions for entering Mexico and all the tips and recommendations for a smooth entry to Cancun.


Entry to Mexico

What to prepare:

• Photocopied flight tickets
• Passport
• Travel Insurance
• Reservation confirmation for hotels

Flight Tickets to Mexico:

When entering, you will be asked to show a return flight ticket – to see the date of departure from the country. If you Don’t have a return flight date, preparing a valid flight ticket in advance is recommended. If you travel through a flight agent, you can ask your agent to issue you a temporary visa.

Entry Form to Mexico:

This form will be given to you to fill out on your flight to Mexico, or it can also be filled out at Cancun airport. Another option is to fill it out through the website: Click Here.

In the form, you will be asked to fill in personal details, the duration of your stay in Mexico, and the first address to which you are traveling from the airport/hotel name.

You will receive a residence visa according to your period in Mexico (up to 180 days) at the end of the process. Please note that it is essential not to lose this form; you must show it again when leaving Mexico. If you lose the form, you must pay a $30 fine.

Mexico entry form

Transportation in Mexico – directions from Cancun to the hotel:

The distances between the popular destinations in the Caribbean region are relatively close and do not require a flight or long trips. The distance between the main destinations ranges from one to two hours, and you can get around using any means of transportation – bus, taxi, collective, or car rental. To reach the surrounding islands, you will have to sail by ferry.

• From Cancun – to Isla Mujeres: you will have to go to the ferry station of Cancun (Puerto Juarez, Punta Sam), Half an hour ferry ride.
• From Cancun – to Playa del Carmen: one-hour drive
• From Cancun – to Tulum: two hours drive
Any form of transportation can be used when leaving Cancun airport, whether by taxi, bus, or rental car.
Several main ways:
• Using an ADO bus that leaves from the airport.
• Taxi – at the exit of the airport, many taxi drivers will be waiting for you to give you a ride to the hotel.
• Collectivo – cooperative travel. A kind of service taxi that goes to specific destinations.
• Car rental – you can rent a car at the airport and drive to your destination.
• Coordination with a driver in advance – the most recommended option! If you want to arrange the most accessible transportation for yourself, you can coordinate with a driver in advance who will wait for you at the airport and take you to the hotel.


מלונות קנקון מקסיקו

Accommodation in Mexico:

Our recommendation, book everything in advance. Especially if you are coming for a short trip like a honeymoon or a trip with the family, you don’t want to waste your vacation time booking hotels. Book your first destination in advance if you still want to be spontaneous during the trip. TIP! Remember that hotel prices in Mexico are constantly rising according to hotel occupancy. If you decide to book while in Mexico, you will likely pay between 10-25% more for your hotels.

Health Protocols in Mexico:

In the Caribbean region of Mexico – the Yucatan Peninsula – everything is going on as usual! All tourist areas and places of entertainment are open and working as expected. There is no obligation to show a COVID test or vaccination certificate at the entrance.

Travel insurance in Mexico:

Travel insurance for your trip is mandatory! Although the Caribbean region of Mexico is considered a very safe area for tourists, it is essential to remember that this is still a third-world country. In addition, the amount of attractions and extreme sports in Mexico is enormous. That is why it is vital to insure yourself, especially if you plan to visit several attractions in the area.

Currency in Mexico:

The local currency used by the people is the Mexican peso. The value of one US dollar (USD) varies between 18 – 19 Mexican pesos (MXN). We recommend taking $1500 in cash with you and converting the money into pesos as soon as you arrive in Mexico. It is recommended to avoid changing the currency at the airport or hotel (fees are too expensive). The best place to do this is at a bank or regulated currency exchange service. You can withdraw from ATMs using your credit card if you need extra money during your trip.
For more information, click here – Currency in Mexico.

Local SIM in Mexico:

It is recommended not to rely on the WiFi and activate a local SIM to be safe. Tip, don’t buy a SIM at the airport. You can get a SIM at any OXXO store—a kind of mini market (like a 7/11) found in all destinations in Mexico. You can buy a SIM card at one of the Oxxo stores, and whenever the package ends, you can recharge at any Oxxo store you visit.

אוקסו מקסיקו


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