The Zamna Festival in Tulum 2023

For several years now, the Zamna Festival in Tulum has become one of the biggest techno events on the continent. Many tourists from all over the world come to Mexico during the Zamna Festival. The information includes all the most important recommendations and details for those planning to attend the Zamna Festival.

Zamna Festival

Information About Zamana Festival:

The story began at the end of 2017, and today, Zamna Festival is the epicenter of electronic music with the most incredible production in Latin America. Today we have made history together. In recent years, Zamna Festival has become the meeting point for thousands of fans of this genre with the best artists of the moment in the Mexican Caribbean. The great party in the heart of the jungle of the Maya River, the best leading artists, and all this in the Mexican Caribbean make the event an unforgettable musical experience.

Accommodation During the Zamna Festival:

Since the festival is in Tulum, the recommended place to stay is in the Tulum area.
The strip of hotels on the beach: the recommended area to stay in Tulum is the strip of hotels on the coast. This is the most tourist area. But it is important to note that during this period of the festival, the hotels on the beach are costly!
If the hotels on the beach of Tulum are beyond your budget, there are other options for lodging at lower prices.
City center: The city center of Tulum is also considered a tourist area full of bars and restaurants and many places to stay. From hostels to high-class hotels. Regarding accessibility, the main center is also considered close to the festival.
Aldea Zama Neighborhood: This developing neighborhood in Tulum is located between the beach strip and the city center. In this area, you won’t find too much to do. But the area is known for its many accommodations at much lower prices. You will find boutique hotels, apartments, and luxury villas for large groups.
Playa del Carmen: Although the festival is in Tulum, Playa del Carmen is also considered a convenient and much cheaper option. You can get from Playa del Carmen to Tulum in just an hour’s drive. You can rent a car or take a shared shuttle and drive for an hour to get to the place.

Nomade Tulum Hotel Tulum

Recommended Hotels in Tulum:

In the coastal strip of Tulum:
• Kanan
• Be Tulum
• Nomade
• Delek
• Casa Malca
• La Zebra
• Selina Tulum

In the city center area:
• Naala
• Aloft
• Copal
• Kuukum
• Aluna Kimpton

Event Schedule:

• 31.12.2022 – the first UPPERGROUND party.
• 02.01.2023 – the second ELOVATE party.
• 04.01.2023 – the third AFTERLIFE party
• 06.01.2023 – the fourth CIRCOLOCO party.
• 08.01.2023 – the fifth party KEINEMUSK.
• 12.01.2023 – the sixth BLACKCOFEE party.

VIP tickets give you a lounge area with bar service and separate bathrooms.
A pack of 3 tickets ranges between 150-500 dollars.
You can buy individual tickets or a package of three keys (much more affordable) through their website

Zamna Festival

Beach Parties in the Hotel Area of the Beach in Tulum:

Because of the vast number of young people who come to Tulum during the Zamna Festival, you can find many more parties and beach club events in Tulum between the festival events. Almost every day, you can find a party at one of the beach clubs of the hotels on the beach of Tulum.

• Be Tulum
• Nomade
• Kanan
• Taboo
• Delek
• Vagalume
• Mia Beach
• Bonbonniere
• Papaya Playa
• Bagatelle
• Gitano

Papaya Playa Tulum

Recommended Restaurants in Tulum:

• Rosa Negra
• Tora Tulum
• Posada Margarita
• Be Tulum
• Ilios
• Taboo
• Karma
• Burrito Amor
• Arca
• Itzik
• Kin Toh – Amazing location on the roof of the Azulik Hotel; you need to book in advance through their website.

Zamna Festival

Tulum During This Time:

It is important to note that December to January is considered the busiest period of the year in Mexico, even without regard to the Zamna festival.
We recommend that everyone who arrives in these months should book in advance as many services as they can (hotels, party tickets, shuttles/car rentals, day trips, and attractions).