Information about Isla Mujeres

Isla Mujeres is an island located 13 km east of the city of Cancun in the state of Quintana Roo in the Mexican Yucatan Peninsula. The length of the island is only 7 kilometers. The name Isla Mujeres means “island of women” because of the statues and illustrations of women found on the island since the early Mayan period.

Most of the island’s residents make a living from tourism, this is why the attitude towards tourists on the island is also very warm. The island that enjoys the closest proximity to Cancun has become one of the most touristic destinations in Mexico. Many tourists come to Isla Mujeres all year round, especially during the tourist seasons.

If you are looking to spend part of your vacation somewhere a little quieter, to disconnect from all the hustle and bustle, Isla Mujeres is definitely the ideal destination for a relaxing vacation in front of the most amazing beaches in Mexico.

The Weather in Isla Mujeres:

In principle, the seasons in the Caribbean region are divided into two – the dry season and the rainy season.
The dry season – is from December to the end of May. However, in the months of December-January, the temperatures are a little low (especially at night). The best time to go to the Caribbean is from the beginning of March to the end of May. These months are also hot and this is also considered a less rainy season.
The wet season – is from June to November. In the summer months, from June to August. These are the hottest months of the year, but also the rainiest. The heat and rainy days gradually decrease from September to November. This is a very unpredictable period in terms of weather. There can be good days and days a little less sunny.
It is important to remember that this is an area with a tropical climate. Therefore the weather is unstable and it is very difficult to predict several months ahead. It is always recommended to check the forecast before arriving.

How to get to Isla Mujeres:

To get to Isla Mujeres, you will first have to get to Cancun and take a ferry from there. In Cancun, you will arrive at the Gran Puerto Cancun (Ultramar) ferry terminal located in Puerto Juarez, a few minutes from downtown Cancun. The voyage takes about 30 minutes. Before arriving, it is important to check the ferry schedules so that you can correctly plan your itinerary. When you arrive at the ferries, porters will be waiting for you to help load your luggage onto the ferries.

What to do in Isla Mujeres:

• Visit the north coast of the island: the most beautiful beaches of the island are located on the north side. There are also shops, restaurants, and places of entertainment. The water on the north shore, in turquoise-blue tones, is perhaps one of the most beautiful you will see!
• Diving and snorkeling: the most popular attractions on the island. In Isla Mujeres, you can find several well-known diving sites such as the coral reef, a shipwreck, and the sculpture museum. In addition, there are several sites where you can rent snorkeling equipment and go down to the beach independently.
• Rent a tuk-tuk and travel around the island: one of the unique ways of getting around the island is with golf carts. Many people rent a tuk-tuk or motorcycle and circle the island. You can pass by several places and fewer tourist beaches with amazing views. In order to rent a tuk-tuk, you will need to show a driver’s license. The price of renting a golf car ranges from 40-50 dollars per day.
• Tortugranja: a farm for the preservation of sea turtles that are in danger of extinction. Recommended activity for families with children. Visitors walk through the indoor and outdoor turtle pool areas, where green and brown turtles paddle around them. The entrance price is about 30 pesos per person ($2.50).
• The southern point of the island: if you travel to the southern side of the island you can stop at Playa Garrafon and enjoy Omegas above the water. Another place on the south side is called Punta Sur. A cliff that is the highest and most beautiful observation point on the island.

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Hotels in Isla Mujeres:

Isla Mujeres has a wide variety of hotels. From all-inclusive hotels with a private beach to apartment hotels and boutique hotels. Most of the hotels are close to the beautiful beaches of the island on the north side. The city center is also there. If you move a little further from the north side, you can find great hotels about 10-15 minutes away and at much more affordable prices.

Recommended Hotels in Isla Mujeres:
– Zoetry
– Mia reef
– Privilege Aluxes
– Izla

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Restaurants in Isla Mujeres:

Because it is an island that makes a living mainly from tourists, you can find a very wide variety of delicious restaurants in Isla Mujeres. Despite its relatively small size, the island is flooded with restaurants and cafes of all kinds. The culinary center of the area is Hidalgo Street.

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Nightlife in Isla Mujeres:

If you are looking for clubs and boisterous parties, this might not be the ideal destination for you. Isla Mujeres is considered a more relaxed destination where visitors come to disconnect and bask in the sun in front of the amazing beaches. Still, although the island’s nightlife is very relaxed, there are a number of nice places where you can enjoy a few drinks, by the sea, listen to music, and mingle with the locals.

Shopping in Isla Mujeres:

In Isla Mujeres, you will not find huge shopping centers. But if you go for a walk on the main street of the island, “Hidalgo”, you will be able to pass through a lot of shops and street stalls that offer all kinds of traditional Mexican items that are handmade by the local residents.