Information About ATV Jungle Tour in Playa del Carmen

If you want to add some extreme to your vacation, an ATV tour in the jungles of the Riviera Maya is definitely the ideal attraction for you! ATV tour from Playa del Carmen.

• Starting with an ATV tour in the jungles.
• After that, we will move to the longest omega course in the Riviera Maya, which passes through 4 different points.
• From there, we will continue on our tour
• We watched a short ceremonial performance as the tradition of the ancient Maya tribe.
• At the end, we will pass through a cenote with a stalactite cave.
• Round trip transportation from the hotel and a Mexican lunch.

* You can also leave from Tulum

Required information:
– Full name
– Hotel name
– Hotel room number
– Dates
– Departure times: 
– WhatsApp number
– Num Of People 


• Please note: if a large hotel entrance or the shuttle needs to pick you up from the reception desk or the entrance area, please indicate this.
• You can book a tour 2-7 days before.
(It is not possible to make an order 14 days ahead)