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In December 2017, Hotel Xcaret México welcomed its first guests, aiming to provide an all-encompassing Mexican experience in Playa del Carmen. The resort was established as a homage to the Mayan culture and the diverse facets of our nation, including its artisans, Mexican cuisine, natural treasures, and cultural legacy. Our hallmark lies in the warmth of our hospitality and our dedication to delivering top-notch service, resulting in several accolades, including a prestigious 5 Diamond certification. Each achievement signifies a pledge to both Mexico and our valued guests. We extend a heartfelt invitation to explore Mexico through our deep affection for this beautiful country.

What to look out for


As you begin your day, savor the stunning vistas that await you, whether it's the captivating Caribbean Sea, our iconic inlets, the tranquil emerald river, or the pristine enclaves of the Mayan jungle. Moving forward, allow our dedicated service, artisanal craftsmanship, and interior design to set the stage for a truly remarkable and rejuvenating experience. Every decorative element in our 900 hotel suites has been skillfully crafted by local artisans hailing from underprivileged communities. We've acquired these pieces with a commitment to fair trade principles and a dedication to promoting the social development of our nation.


A tribute to our beloved country would be incomplete without celebrating its rich culinary heritage. Mexico's millennia-old ingredients have nurtured the nation's cultural identity and have bestowed the world with essential components that now form a part of the historical legacy of many other countries. The culinary voyage at Hotel Xcaret México not only showcases the vibrant tapestry of Mexican gastronomy, a UNESCO-declared Intangible Cultural Heritage, but also warmly embraces flavors from around the globe to craft an unforgettable and sensory experience for you.


Rooted in sustainable practices and enriched by the warmth of Mexican hospitality, you will embark on extraordinary adventures, develop a profound appreciation for our culture, and craft indelible memories. This pioneering concept, a first of its kind among all-inclusive hotels globally, provides unlimited access and convenient transportation to all Grupo Xcaret parks. Drawing inspiration from one of the Mayan calendar signs linked to water, Muluk Spa in Playa del Carmen emerges as a uniquely tranquil sanctuary, where nature shapes the environment and an innate serenity permeates every instant. It's a visit you simply can't miss, a journey where you can revel in the virtues and wonders of water, establish a deeper connection with our planet, and relish the delight of a well-balanced existence.

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