Information about Tulum

Tulum is an ancient port city that was once used by the Mayan tribe for the purpose of transferring goods (mainly to Cuba). This town along the Caribbean coast of Mexico’s Riviera Maya is home to one of the best-preserved Mayan sites today. Perhaps the most famous of the ruins of the buildings that the Mayans built there about 820 years ago.

In the past, Tulum was considered the least visited destination among travelers. However, in recent years Tulum has developed a lot thanks to the number of tourists visiting the place. Today, Tulum is considered the hottest and most vibrant destination in Mexico. From a quiet port town, Tulum has turned into a city full of young travelers, many entertainment places, and some of the best beach parties in the world!

It must be taken into account that Tulum has become a very expensive destination compared to the other main destinations in the Caribbean region of Mexico. From the prices of hotels, restaurants, taxis, and entrance to places. With the increase in the high demand to reach the city, the prices in Tulum also rose to be quite expensive.

The Weather in Tulum:

In principle, the seasons in the Caribbean region are divided into two – the dry season and the rainy season.
The dry season – is from December to the end of May. However, in the months of December-January, the temperatures are a little low (especially at night). The best time to go to the Caribbean is from the beginning of March to the end of May. These months are also hot and this is also considered a less rainy season.
The wet season – is from June to November. In the summer months, from June to August. These are the hottest months of the year, but also the rainiest. From September to November the heat gradually decreases and so do the rainy days. This is a very unpredictable period in terms of weather. There can be good days and days a little less sunny.
It is important to remember that this is an area with a tropical climate. Therefore the weather is unstable and it is very difficult to predict several months ahead. It is always recommended to check the forecast before arriving.

How to get to Tulum:

To get to Tulum you will first need to take a flight to Cancun airport.
If you are already in the area, you can reach Tulum from any destination in Mexico and by any means of transportation. You can get there by taxi, bus, colectivo, or private car rental. Because of the relatively large distances between the areas of Tulum and the expensive taxi prices, many people like to rent a car and travel around Tulum independently.

• From Playa del Carmen to Tulum – 1 hour
• From Cancun to Tulum – 2 hours
• From Chiquila to Tulum – two and a half hours
• From Bacalar to Tulum – two and a half hours

What to do in Tulum:

Historical Tour in Tulum: Because it is a city that was built back in the days of the ancient Mayan tribe, Tulum is full of ancient buildings scattered throughout the city on top of cliffs. The most famous site is called “Zama”. The site includes ancient buildings and remains from the 13th-century temple, considered one of the main attractions in Tulum. The site is open every day from 7:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. It is recommended to arrive in the morning to avoid the crowds of tourists visiting the place.

Cenote trip in Tulum: Cenotes are a kind of natural pool of fresh water carved into the rock or in underground caves. Some of the most beautiful cenotes in the world are concentrated around Tulum. A day trip to one of the cenotes (or more) is considered a great experience and highly recommended. You can visit Cenotes through a tour of one of the local companies, or you can rent a car and travel independently. In some cenotes, you will have to pay an entrance fee.
Some Recommended Cenotes:
– Cenote Dos Ojos
– Cenote Eden
– Cenote Azul
– Cenote Pet Cemetery
– Cenote Calavera

A fun day at a hotel on the sea: Tulum is characterized by its stunning boutique hotels located on the coastline. Many hotels offer daily entry for a fee. You can enjoy the various hotel facilities such as the beach, the restaurant, the bar, and especially the music and the special atmosphere.

Sian Ka’an Nature Reserve: The Sian Ka’an Nature Reserve is a UNESCO heritage site and the largest protected area in the Mexican Caribbean. South of the hotel area of the beach is the entrance to the reserve. This amazing reserve includes a beautiful beach on one side and a wild forest area with a freshwater lagoon on the other side. In the area, you will find a wide variety of animals, birds, and plant species. You can visit the site independently or take a tour of the reserve that leaves every day at 6:00 a.m. The tour is for a fee.

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Hotels in Tulum:

Unlike Cancun, here you won’t find huge holiday villages. Tulum is characterized by its boutique hotels, which are built in a more rural atmosphere and in the combination between the jungle and the amazing beaches.

Tulum is divided into 3 main areas:
The hotel area by the sea: the most recommended area is the hotel strip by the sea – Zona Hotelera Tulum. This is the most touristic area in Tulum and where most of the entertainment, restaurants, and parties are located. There you will also find the most prestigious and famous hotels. But this is also the most expensive area to stay in.
• The city center of Tulum: is about a 15-minute drive from the beach. The downtown area of Tulum is characterized by the reggae music atmosphere and the hipper tourist crowd. In the area, you can find a wide variety of boutique hotels and hostels at much more affordable prices.
Aldea Zama Neighborhood: If your hotel budget is not particularly large, but you still want to be close to the hotel area on the beach, the Aldea Zama neighborhood is definitely the ideal option for you. About 1.5 km from the sea, you can find amazing hotels or holiday apartments at much more reasonable prices.

Recommended Hotels in Tulum:
– Be Tulum
– Kanan
– Alaya
– Deleke
– Azulik
– Ahau

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Restaurants in Tulum:

In Tulum, you can find a huge variety of restaurants. From luxury restaurants to local Mexican restaurants. Most of the restaurants are scattered along Tulum’s main street in the city center. But today, even in the hotel area on the beach, you can find lots of delicious places to eat. Tulum is also characterized as a destination that gives great importance to the whole ecological and environmental issue. That’s why you can find quite a few delicious vegetarian/vegan restaurants.

Recommended Restaurants in Tulum:
– Burrito Amor
– Taqueria Don Beto
– Chamicos
– La Hoja Verde

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Nightlife in Tulum:

Tulum is the perfect destination for young people who come to hang out and party. Almost every day of the week you can find somewhere to go out to. Many from all over the world come to Tulum’s well-known techno parties. International DJs frequent the area on a weekly basis.

• Beach parties: There are several beach clubs or hotels in Tulum that during the week or on the weekend hold exclusive techno parties on the beach. Entrance to the party is paid.
• Bars and clubs: If you’re less into music and parties on the beach, you can find a lot of reggae and reggaeton bars and clubs in the city center of Tulum.
• The famous Zamna Festival: Every year, in the month of January, the Zamna Festival takes place in Tulum, which is considered one of the biggest techno parties in the Americas and is attended by tourists from all over the world.

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