Information About Sian Ka’an Biosphere Reserve

Sian Ka’an – translates to “where the sky is born,” according to the ancient Mayan language. Tulum is considered a UNESCO heritage site and is the largest protected area on the islands. It is a bird sanctuary of 1.3 million dunams and where the world-famous Mayan ruins are located.

It is home to various species of birds, fish, and other marine creatures. Another highlight of Sian here is the rainforests, mangroves, and swamps.

During the tour, you can enjoy the amazing Sian Kan nature reserve on a magical boat tour through lagoons and underwater sanctuaries. Observe the natural habitat of dolphins, crocodiles, sea turtles, and many other species. Snorkel in a beautiful reef and swim in a majestic natural pool.

-Round-trip transportation
-A la carte food
-Chicken or fish and one drink (non-alcoholic)
-Life Jacket
-Fins and snorkel
-Visited the natural pool
-Boat tour

Not including:
-Venue fees of $10
-Snorkel tube
-Additional payments on the spot

Required information:
– Full name
– Hotel name
– Hotel room number
– Dates
– Departure times: 
– WhatsApp number
– Num Of People 

• Please note: if a large hotel entrance or the shuttle needs to pick you up from the reception desk or the entrance area, please indicate this.
• You can book a tour 2-7 days before.
(It is not possible to make an order 14 days ahead)