Information About the Day Zero Festival

The Day Zero festival in Tulum was established in 2021. The festival, which always takes place in January, symbolizes the beginning of the new year. Today the festival has become one of the most appreciated productions in the world—a combination of quality music, the best techno bikes, and the nature and jungle of Tulum.

The festival is known for its elaborate production inspired by the ancient Mayan culture indigenous to the region. Day Zero will feature a sunrise set by event founder Damian Lazarus, who launched the party in Tulum in 2012 to honor the end of the Mayan calendar.

The founders invest in all the production and the appropriate artists to create a story in another universe. Lasers pour through historic canopies, alien creatures from the future align with the ancient Mayans, and revelers are offered new ways to think and experience space and time. Every moment from sunset to sunrise is played by the most respected musicians in the world.