Information About Burrito Amor Tulum

Burrito Amor Tulum was established when husband and wife Cameron and Paula first fell in love in Mexico in 2010 and is considered very special mainly because of the fresh and culturally rich food.

While a large part of the menu consists of many food ingredients, the place is friendly to vegans and those sensitive to gluten, dairy, grains, and eggs. The concept of “clean eating” is not associated with a specific eating regimen but rather represents Burrito Amor’s love for healthy food addressed to everyone. At the restaurant, we commit to serving real food as we believe it should be done fresh, healthy, full of flavor, and super clean, with excellent music and a fun atmosphere in the background.

Besides the food and drink, Burrito is committed to effecting positive change in every local community. With the understanding that the average person consumes about 38,000 plastic straws in their lifetime, in Tulum, Burrito Amor uses only reusable bamboo straws, and all takeaway packaging is recyclable and biodegradable.

Furthermore, Burrito Amor participates in a campaign to reduce plastic consumption in the community and also engages in the aid and initiative to introduce recycling to the general community – a community and country that has never returned.