Information About Maresias by Be Tulum

The restaurant of the Be Tulum Hotel, which means “sea bar,” is their bar and restaurant that serves oysters and fresh raw ingredients. Varieties of raw seafood, such as classic tiraditos and traditional and innovative ceviches, are prepared moments before they are done to your plate.

They prepare an excellent selection of fresh oysters, dips for salads, and vibrant ingredients that fill their menu and combine with various flavors. A taste of their cuisine will surely excite your life and leave you awake with mouth-watering flavors while feeling as light as the ocean breeze.

Try one of the restaurant’s many raw plates in marinades and fresh lemon juices, such as the mandarin ceviche, the vegetarian carpaccio, or a selection of soups and cold salads, each of which adds delicious variations to individual textures and exotic flavors.