Your Ultimate Guide to Reaching Holbox: Ferries, Transportation, and Tips

Have you ever wished you could go to Holbox, a stunning island heaven in Mexico? There are exciting things to do where the sky meets the sea. You need to know how to get there first, though. Do not stress; it is simple! From ferries to other ways to get to Holbox, this guide will show you the best ways. Let us make your trip to Holbox as exciting as the place you are going!

Ways to Get to Holbox

Getting to Holbox is like beginning a trip. You have to plan a trip to get there; you can not just drive there. It is common for people to begin their trip in Chiquila. It looks a lot like the entrance to Holbox. Chiquila is easy to get to from major cities like Cancun or Playa del Carmen. You can take a bus, a private car, or even a taxi. You will enjoy the ride and see many lovely sights along the way. The real adventure starts when you get to Chiquila!


Ferry to Holbox

It is a big boat that takes people from Chiquila to Holbox. The trip across the blue water is short but beautiful. You can take a ferry with either Holbox Express or 9 Hermanos. The ferry leaves every half hour, so you will not have to wait long. It takes 25 minutes to go on the ride. You can stand on the ferry’s deck and feel the cool air from the water. It is a fun way to begin your Holbox trip!


Transportation to Holbox

You can get to Holbox in more than one way besides the ferry. You can book a private boat if you would like something more private. It is like having your small ferry! Even a small plane goes to Holbox for people who love to fly. It costs a little more, but the views from above are amazing. It would be like being in a movie to fly over the clear blue water and see Holbox below.

Arriving in Holbox

You will feel like you are in a different world when you get to Holbox. Islands are quiet places with sandy streets and brightly colored homes. There are only golf carts, no cars! You can walk around the island or rent a golf cart. It is a beautiful beach with soft sand and clear water. There is no better place to unwind and forget about the busy world.

Tips for a Smooth Journey

Here are some tips to help your Holbox trip go smoothly and be fun. First, find out when the ferries leave before you leave so you know when to get to Chiquila. You should bring cash because not all Holbox places take cards. Sunscreen and a hat are important because the sun can be strong. Also, do not forget to bring your sense of adventure! Holbox is a spot to explore and enjoy the outdoors.


You will never forget the adventure it took to get to Holbox. The trip is part of the fun, whether you take a ferry, a private boat, or even a plane. Holy Box is beautiful, and you will be glad you went there. Gather your gear, prepare for an exciting trip, and discover one of Mexico’s most beautiful islands!

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