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Dive into a sanctuary of serenity and exclusivity, where natural beauty intertwines seamlessly. Our tranquil and secluded location beckons you to unwind, offering a haven of peace that encourages the creation of unforgettable moments etched in your heart. Isla Mujeres stands as a dream destination, captivating all who venture to its shores. With its pristine white sand beaches and crystalline turquoise waters, this idyllic oasis provides the perfect escape from the mundane routine, inviting you to reconnect with nature in a truly remarkable setting.

What to look out for


Experience the coziness of Casa del Jaguar, nestled amidst lush gardens and boasting a captivating view of the mesmerizing turquoise hues of the Caribbean Sea and the pristine white sands of North Beach—a favored destination among global travelers. Crafted with precision in our own carpentry shop, the furniture is fashioned from locally sourced wood and intricately cut marble. Immerse yourself in a welcoming ambiance within this thoughtfully designed suite, where every detail contributes to an atmosphere of exceptional comfort and tranquility, ensuring a restful and rejuvenating stay.


Indulge in delectable dishes meticulously crafted by our culinary team, a dedication that extends to preserving the sustainability of the local ecosystem by utilizing fresh, local ingredients. Situated on the coveted North Beach of Isla Mujeres, Oceanus Beach Club & Restaurant offers an enchanting experience where you can relish the joys of the beach, accompanied by a refreshing drink and a delightful meal. Our restaurant provides both indoor and outdoor seating options, ensuring a memorable dining experience with the breathtaking backdrop of the island's beauty.


Indulge in a day of tranquility at our Spa in Isla Mujeres, nestled by the soothing Caribbean Sea. Immerse yourself in a fusion of ancient Mayan traditions and contemporary techniques that aim to nurture and relax your mind, body, and soul. Experience serenity in the poolside jacuzzi at Na Balam, allowing your body to unwind and flow like water. The steam room provides an ideal space to eliminate toxins and promote relaxation through gentle perspiration. Elevate your well-being with our Yoga sessions, a harmonious practice promoting physical health, mental growth, and heightened consciousness. Complementing these offerings are rejuvenating treatments such as Reiki, Thai massage, and aromatherapy, providing a holistic and revitalizing spa experience.

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