Information About Historical Tour in Tulum

The ruins at the archaeological sites of Tulum are some of the remains of buildings left from the ancient Mayan culture. The place is rich in wonder and culture and worth visiting. The most exciting part of the area is its location on the edge of a cliff overlooking the surrounding deep blue water.

The name of the place itself, Tulum, means a wall referring to the fact that it is a walled city that served as a trading port for land and sea trade in ancient times.

Some other highlights in the archaeological area include the Temple of the Frescoes, El Castillo, and the spectacular beach itself.

– We start by leaving Tulum at 08:45 in the morning.
– A passage between the pyramids of Tulum
– A cenote within a stalactite system
– Mexican lunch
– Visiting the pyramids of Mayan Cuba
– A visit to the ancient village of the ancient Mayan tribe
– Return at 17:15