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Nomade Tulum is nestled at the southernmost point of the Riviera Maya, where a pristine expanse of white sandy beaches meets the tranquil turquoise waters, all while surrounded by the lush Yucatan jungle. This captivating coastal region is now home to some of Mexico’s most well-preserved archaeological ruins, enchanting cenotes, subterranean caves, and the sprawling Sian Ka’an Biosphere Reserve, which stands as the country’s largest protected coastal area.

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In the conceptualization and management of our hotels, we strive to establish systems that harmonize the innate human experience with the natural world. Our architectural structures are meticulously crafted to uphold the environmental integrity. These include 38 Nomade-style rooms, 20 exclusive suites, 5 treehouses, and 36 luxurious Nomade-style tents, all thoughtfully constructed beneath expansive canopies.


We depart from the traditional notion that formal dining equates to exceptional dining. Instead, we foster a gathering style centered on relaxation within one's surroundings. At Nomade, we relish meals with our toes buried in the sand, bathed in the evolving hues of the seaside sky. Alternatively, we dine around an extended communal table hewn from a tree trunk. Our menus feature dishes that pay homage to food as a natural resource, accentuating an array of locally sourced ingredients and the elegance of simplicity.


Our space, centered around human experience, was envisioned as a fleeting sanctuary for our diverse community of global travelers seeking reconnection with themselves, each other, and the universe. Our wellness programs are meticulously crafted to encourage you to form connections, acquire knowledge, foster creativity, and undergo personal growth. Reconnect with nature, delve into cultural richness, and embrace sacred wisdom, carrying the newly awakened awareness with you as you venture forward on your next journey.

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