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Uncover the captivating charm of the Mexican Caribbean as you immerse yourself in the exquisite offerings of The Fives Beach in Playa del Carmen. Here, the possibilities are boundless, allowing you to craft a personalized blend of gastronomic adventures, engaging cultural activities, enthralling entertainment, and a plethora of avenues for relaxation. Your vacation experience at The Fives Beach is destined to be unforgettable, promising an array of remarkable moments that will linger in your memory for years to come

What to look out for


Within The Fives, we have meticulously crafted residences exuding an elevated sense of exclusivity, opulence, and utmost comfort. Our aim is to provide you and your companions with an exceptional stay, one that caters to even the most discerning tastes. You will find yourselves enveloped in a wealth of amenities and breathtaking vistas, all designed to enhance your experience and ensure your complete satisfaction.


Indulge in the heart of the Mexican Caribbean, savoring its culinary soul and embarking on a global gastronomic journey. Delight in a rich tapestry of international cuisines, including Mexican, French, Italian, Japanese, Peruvian, and Fusion flavors. Our exclusive restaurants, nestled in the Riviera Maya, await your visit for a delectable exploration of these diverse and exquisite culinary experiences.


Enjoy fascinating immersive experiences and places in The Fives Residences. "La Casa de Rosa" is a concept born from our deep-rooted history, traditions, and the essence of our own home. Its fundamental mission is to celebrate and pay tribute to the incredible diversity and cultural wealth that defines our nation. We extend an invitation for you to relish a one-of-a-kind experience, mirroring the uniqueness of Mexico itself. Here, you'll encounter a sensory symphony filled with the rich scents, flavors, colors, and textures that define authentic Mexican cuisine. All this is delivered in a warm, familial setting that recreates the ambiance of a genuine Mexican household, offering you the opportunity to not only enjoy but also learn to cook authentic Mexican dishes.

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1 We Connect

We connect via call or video chat to get to know you and understand your expectations and budget for your dream vacation.

2 We plan

We'll craft the itinerary for your dream vacation and tweak it until it perfectly matches your desires and budget. We plan your travel, hotel, and excursions, we do it all so you don’t have to worry. Plus, our service is 100% free to our customers.

3 We Schedule

Once everything is to your liking, we make all the reservations, forward you all confirmations and you get to sit back and enjoy your vacation, hassle-free.

4 We Stand by Your Side

From the the second you board your flight, to reservation check-ins, to pina coladas on the beach, we’re with you every step of the way. Put your mind at ease and let the Caribbean sweep you away.

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